Monday, December 9, 2013


This documentary was more interesting than some of the actual films we watched throughout the semester. I enjoyed watching this because it really made me change my mind on how I felt about conventions in general. Although I hate star trek and anime, I respect their conventions, their costumes and whatever else is super lame to me.

I would judge them and see them as these fucking nerdy people, when really I would do the same things but with other movies, tv shows, comics, or video games. I am those people. I just didnt understand that until now.

The film followed a few different people who called themselves 'Trekkies' They collected star trek toys, items from the show/movie, etc. They go to the star trek conventions all around the US. It was interesting how many people would invest so much time into collecting and following this fiction.

What I liked most about these people is that they do not give a shit about what anyone else thinks. They can walk around dressed like any of the characters and they don't even notice if people are laughing or staring. I really liked their commitment and passion towards star trek.

I truly hate star trek, but if there were hunger games conventions, im pretty sure I would be at every single one of them. Im pretty sure i am just like one of these people. 

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