Monday, December 9, 2013


This was one of my favorite films of the semester. With so many similarities to previous we watched throughout the semester, like 2001 and Another Earth, it was cool to watch and point out things that we have seen before. I enjoy films with very few characters, such as buried. It may not have been the best movie ever, but it really shows how good an actor is. Which is what Sam Rockwell did in this film. I haven't really seen him do his own movie before, and after seeing this i would like to see him do something alone again.

Moon was so creative and scary, especially when both clones meet each other. From that point, I actually guessed the rest of the movie in my head (I was pretty proud), but since I guessed it, it made me think the movie was too expected.

The film was about a man who finds out he is a clone by being saved by another woken up clone. Eventually, the newest clone beats the system and escapes to earth. Knowing they only have about three years to live, they don't want to stay anymore and want to go home to earth.
It gets pretty sad watching this man who really has nothing... then have to watch him die.

Visually it was pleasing. I think it was funny how we didnt really see much of the moon itself, only the inside of the space station. But it was nice to see so much of the space station. It felt spacy and the audience really got to experience most of it.

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