Monday, December 9, 2013

Another Earth

This was one of the crazy ending type movies. I was not a fan of how the movie was filmed, but thats kind of expected when watching a movie with such a low budget.
The film was very long and very boring. Although the concept was interesting and different, it really lacked excitement. Again, it could have done without the sex scene. Come on... a good looking girl like that... with a guy like that. Makes me think of  the male fantasy and how real it is in so many damn movies.

This is one of the few female empowered movies we have seen this semester. Side note: I really like how gravity was such an important film with a female as the lead role. Although this was a female movie, it could have done with a male too. I don't think it would have matter who played the lead role in this. Of course, that would have meant a female character who lost her family in the crash.

Anyway, I think the movie lacked environment. It was only really filmed in her room, the school hallways and the mans house. It was a very slow film, but it was necessary for the audience to understand what was going on. Minus the stupid love scene.

I would probably avoid watching low budget sci-fi films because they really lack what sci fi films need... which would be a good set, special effects and other elements to really make a sci fi film work.

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