Tuesday, October 29, 2013

THX 1138

   What's more interesting than loud noises and white people? Anything. Of course, because of the films more interesting plots, critics and other cult fanatics are extremely attracted to this movie. Similar to 2001: A Space Odyseey, this film really makes the auidence kind of question what the hell is going on throughout the entire film. Yes, we kind of get the concept, escaping this idealistic, perfect, constructed world in order to feel different and free... But why did the filming and acting have to be so uncomfortable awkward? I sensed a bit of depression throughout the film, which kind of equaled out due to all of the vibrant white walls and clothing.
   The characters in the film were all similar when it came to emotions. This was not too interesting to me since all the characters could have been the same person in the same situation if they really wanted to be set free. The most interesting character would probably be the one black man in the film, since he seemed to have more emotion than most others... And he knew how to smile. I enjoyed his character and also enjoyed how badly he wrecked his car while driving it for about 4.2 seconds.
  I noticed the entire film was filmed inside buildings, and even the car chase was all inside. Yeah, its because they were underground. Like mentioned in the reading, at the end of the film, the sun signified freedom. It was the only time the audience saw the outside and we knew that thx was finally free and gone from that total hell hole of a life. I think it was interesting that they were all white and everything was white, which kind of meant purity. Since they didn't want any sexual activities going on down below, i think that the white kind of pinpointed that.
   Overall, the film was pretty intense and just a little weird throughout. I compared it to 2001, because it was kind of random and weird just like that. I was not a fan of this film, but I do think it was one of the more interesting films we have watched so far. It definitely kept my attention, unlike 2001 where the scenes were way too long and drawn out.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Dark Star

Unlike many of the previous films, this one was really funny and I was interested from beginning to end. Although the ending is kind of sad, I think that the rest of the movie made up for that with its humor.

In the film, we follow four hippie astronauts who are working to destroy unstable planets. Along the way, their mission is compromised by different issues happen on board. Each different astronaut tries to cope with a different problem happening, including a lose alien running around the ship.
The characters are all very charming and you can't help but love them and their personalities. If the movie was trying to be completely serious and lacked funny dialog, i'm pretty sure the film would have failed.

While watching, I noticed I felt a little claustrophobic.  Everything felt so small and tight for the astronauts. Having that many people on board, minus the one in ice, seemed kind of annoying. I would have been pretty upset working on that ship.

I think the film had major slow points and really high points. A slow one would be near the beginning when the three characters are doing their work. I didn't think it was too necessary always showing that. I think one of the best points in the film, was the fight between the alien and the astronaut. It was definitely funny. I also enjoyed the bomb/computer thing who thought he was way more powerful than he really was.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Silent Running

This was one of the first films that I ever seen combine nature and science in the matter that it does. Sadly, I was not a fan of this film... kind of because of how random and completely odd it was. I understand how it was suppose to be futurist and space-like, but I don't think it impacted me like the cult followers.
The film really focuses on saving earths last bit of life, by preserving it.

2001: A Space Odyssey

2001 was a completely terrifying film. The idea of life, death, E.T., technology, etc., were all brought into one and captured a surreal and terrifying futuristic experience. Sadly, due to slow pace of the film and the complete randomness towards the end, I found it hard to understand it's main plot and general idea.

There were so many different ideas made throughout the film. The idea of human evolution was a big part of the film, which I am assuming confused a lot of people, especially at the end. Technology played a huge role in the film, of course. It really gave that scary perspective of how it could easily take over us and take advantage of us if we allow it to.

The characters in the film were pretty monotone and uninteresting. The only interesting character was HAL, and he wasn't even a human. The ship could also be considered a character as well, since the audience got to really get the feel of it, what it looked like, how big it was, etc. It would have been interesting to add maybe some humor or more character development within the film.

What an interesting and trippy movie. I have seen this before, and I understood a lot more watching it a second time, but I was still not impressed. Like others who have critiqued this film, I had a hard time focusing and staying awake. It is too long, too boring and too slow. Personally, I like things that keep me interested and this did not do the job. A lot of the scenes were way too long and were definitely not necessary. I am pretty sure we did not have to watch the main character take out each damn memory stick of Hal! That took forever. I understand its appeal, but this is not my favorite movie and I will probably never see it again.

Planet of the Apes

I am not too sure how many remakes there are of this movie, but when I heard we were going to watch it, I automatically thought of Mark Walhbergs film, which I quite enjoyed.
I really liked this version, which is surprising because I thought I would have disliked it since it was so old and they had so many other newer remakes out there. But similar to the Mark's version, and not the 2012 version, the apes were actual costumes and NOT CGI. I love when movies use actual costumes, it makes it feel so much more real. For example, the costumes/models in Alien or The Thing make the movie 5 times more scarier and more entertaining. When I saw the new planet of the apes, all the apes were CGI. I knew what I was watching, and I knew I was watching nothing but a man in a green suit. It's not the same, and espcially does not look the same.
Since I saw the other movies first, I was obviously comparing this 1960s one to the newer versions, but this one is so original and creative. I wasn't bored at all throughout the film, which I have been with previous movies we've watched.

I think this movie could have easily scared people because it was obvious how quickly technology was growing and the possibility that this could happen, with the creation theory, probably frightened people into thinking it was actually possible. This movie also emphasized the forceful nature of man and how we have treated others, keeping people as slaves and scientific advancements. Like the newer films, I think there was a lot of symbolism in the film, including human rights, not to mention how society is kind of split into two different groups. And what do we do? We fight and we don't get along. Also, at least one side has to be the dominate one as well.