Monday, December 9, 2013


"What if this movie sucks?"

That is exactly what I asked before watching this film. I was not a fan, but it was funnier than a lot of other movies we watched this semester which was a nice change. I do like watching movies from 2000 up, so that was also a plus.

It's hard watching nerd movies with many other nerd references that I don't actually like. The ending is kind of sad since their friend doesn't live to see the star wars episode one movie, but thats what I really didnt like... how the plot surrounded that movie and how he wouldn't live to see it.

Of course, its called Fanboys and it would lack female roles in this film. I think that Kristen Bell did a good job for being probably one of few females in the film, but I might be a little bias since I think shes amazing.

I would not recommend this movie to anyone since I thought the dialog was terrible and it was a stupid plot.

Yes, it did suck.

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