Friday, November 22, 2013

La jetee

This was the only photo film we got to watch. I was not too interested in this type of movie nor would I be interested in the other French movie made like this. I did enjoy the plot to the movie and found it to be interesting. It was like watching something that happened back in the day with someone captioning all the pictures and adding sounds. It was a new concept that I would have never thought to do, which is why I appreciated it. But i am not going to go out of my way to watch another photo film like this.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Enders Game

What I like most about new films is how we have advanced in visual effects, and I think that Ender's game was a great example of just that. Just like Gravity, I think that this was visually pleasing as well. Unlike my friend that saw it with me, the movie kept my attention the entire time, which is a A+ in my book. Sadly, the acting was not spot on, but I guess that's what happens when you work with a bunch of children.
The movie focused on Ender, who was seen to be everyone's last hope. The academy trains him to become the best leader for their attack on the aliens. The aliens attacked and killed many people last time, and they want to prevent that from ever happening again by finishing them completely. Of course, Ender succeeds and destroys the entire planet... but sadly, he doesn't know that he killed them all since they tricked him into thinking it was a test. Eventually, Ender finds one last of their kind and travels off with it.
Sadly, after reading many reviews, there will most likely not be a second movie. I guess Orson Scott got karma for being so damn homophobic!
I really enjoyed this film. I think that it kept my attention the whole time and it was a very interesting story plot. I remember my friend reading this book back in middle school, but paid no attention since I was never interested in sci fi ANYTHING, but i might now read it since I enjoyed this so much.
Although the actors were pretty terrible, I think that they portrayed the characters well enough. Ender was a bit of an emotional boy, but i guess thats what happens when you're a genius.. child. I think there should have been a larger female population, especially since this is so far into the future. This is one thing I really do not understand about sci fi films; how is it that stories are so far in the future, yet every plot still revolves around white males? The future should have all races and plenty of women. Are we fighting for nothing? No, were fighting for everything and I think this sci fi films should really portray that. I do understand that this book was written back in the day, but nevertheless, it should portray the future and the future should have a lot more minorities in it (although there are more women then men).
Rant finished.
I give this film an A-

Starship Troopers

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Total Recall

First let me stay that this movie was probably the best one we have watched so far, mainly because it was so crazy, gory and ultra violent!

I remember my dad watching this when I was young, but he would change the channel so I wouldnt see anything 'bad.' The scene when Arnold gets into the taxi was so nostalgic because it was the only part I had any bit of memory of, but still reminded me of my dad watching such great movies. At the beginning of the film, viewers know exactly what they're in for while watching Arnolds eyes pop out of their sockets. I say the same thing with Bridesmaids! The first scene is this awkwardly hilarious sex scene - the viewer knows exactly what they're in for for the next two hours.
Although Arnorld isn't the best actor, I think that he did well portraying his character and I had no problem watching him throughout. I havent seen the new film, but I wonder why they would remake this classic anyway. Thats like someone remaking Alien. It cant be done... it shouldn't be done. Of course, all of it will be special effects too... so im sure this new Total was pretty lame.

The ideas we talked about in class, about memories and dreams, was interesting to me, because while watching the film I wasn't really thinking of how they impacted Arnold's character in the first place. Its funny to think that people want things so bad, that they would pay to believe that they actually have it/did it. Sadly, there really isn't enough time to accomplish everything we want to accomplish and see what we want to see while were alive, so I guess given the chance to experience something like he did in the film, we would take it.

The female characters were really rad in the film, especially since they knew how to take care of themselves and beat up people! Although the film was obviously sexist in some parts, they still did a good job portraying the females as tough characters. Get some, give some.

After watching old movies like this, it really makes me laugh they people back then thought we would progress so much faster (technology wise) than we really have. So looking at all of these futuristic things made me kind of laugh. We might get there one day, but we all have this silly perspective of this crazy futuristic world.

Blade Runner

I hope that I am not the only one who thought this film was a total bore? I really appreciated the effects, especially during it's time, but I was almost falling asleep and I had two energy drinks before hand. This is the second film that really had a surprising ending. I mean, was he human or not? Did the detective see his memories and his stupid unicorn thing? This was probably the only interesting part of the film to me.

The film focused on a cop who has to take down replicants and about four of them are on the run reeking havoc. He basically does all this searching for them and eventually kills three and the last guy saves his life. Although the premiss is interesting, I thought that the movie in general was just boring. There were too many slow scenes and i am pretty sure they could have done without the sex scenes. I did, however, find the ending to be questionable. I mean, who knows if he was a replicant or not.

The set of this movie was beautiful. I think the toy maker's house was amazing looking. It really made it memorable. The rain in the street scenes were also pretty amazing. I can understand why this was such a popular cult film, since it was so beautifully made... but i really didnt enjoy the plot.